About Us


Thanks for showing up your interest for us. We will walk you through from our workflow to our team members as well as our mission. So, let’s begin.

World Digitizers started as a embroidery digitizing company who serves the local businesses, and industries. Over the years, we have outgrown to become one of the leading embroidery digitizing companies in the country.

We sew each and every design on our embroidery machine to check for its compatibility and quality. Only when we are fully satisfied with the quality of the digitized design, we will deliver the final product to our customers.

Our premium quality digitizing services ensure enhanced details, less thread breakage, sharper designs and less wastage of material which leads to faster production. We work fast so that our clients meet deadlines. The karmic cycle of quality business keeps our client happy and wins us more work and admiration. We take pride in our in-house team of professionals and constantly updated and equipped work station. All these efforts make our 24 hour turnaround time not just a promise but work routine.

We also provide high quality vector images that are hand drawn by our artists. You can have your raster images converted to high quality vector. We can draw custom vector illustration according to your needs, whether it is for your marketing purpose or it can be a cartoon or a fashion illustration. We can also convert your company logo into a vector format allowing you to use the logo for screen printing, digital printing, company stationary or other promotional needs.

So what are you waiting for? Without further delay, get a free quote and start the journey right away!