Custom Jacket Back logo


Embroidery digitizing is no child’s play. It needs great level of expertise. Good embroidery digitizing services attract customers from all parts of the globe. One of the most admired yet most expertise-demanding components is jacket back logo digitizing. This type of embroidery digitizing requires a team of highly skilled digitizers who are good at laying out the stitches precisely and carefully. Jacket back logo embroidery digitizing holds in itself no less than 45k stitches, the maximum being 150k, hence it is no wonder that only a person or a team consisting of highly qualified and skilled professionals can carry out this task.

There’s no room for mistakes in jacket back logo digitizing because once messed, the stitches made cannot be modified or reciprocated and need a complete redraw. Therefore, someone who is not aware of the technique must not attempt this type of embroidery digitizing. The jacket logo digitizing could be done using high-tech computer software. This software makes codes that are converted into stitches, as well as being able to interpret things such as trims, color amendments. This software makes the work even easier by helping you change the stitch style and sew underlay.


Digitizing machines are used, which read the instructions from the software and lay the design out on the jacket backs. A digitizer operates and supervises the entire process. The digitizer handles all details, either as minor as the spacing between letters and details, to as important as how clothes lay and the type of the cloth. A good digitizer can make even the dullest of your jacket back logos look lively. In short, good jacket back logo digitizing depends mainly on a good embroidery digitizer who is full of knowledge about the stitches and threads. The staff at World Digitizer is highly experienced and skilled, they know how to carry custom jacket back logo digitizing services with complete ease and perfection! We cater to these services at the best rates ever.