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Each time you see a precisely designed logo, whether it be the jacket with logo, hat with logo, or any other material. It is imperative for you to understand about the energy consumed by the digitizer for creating those masterpiece embroidery designs images. Embroidery digitizing is not as simple as it seems, it is a specialized service and has to be done with perfection and professionalism. The design makes the fabric alive or it completes it ruins it. If you wish to slay the design, then it is crucial to digitize the design by professionals, as experience speaks itself!

Basically, embroidery digitizing refers to the process in which a raw artwork is converted to a machine-understandable format. The digitized embroidery designs are then sewn onto the preferred garments by the embroidery machine. However, there are different techniques for the process of digitization for different designs. The design for 3d puff embroidery would be different from that of designs for custom embroidered polo shirts. It doesn't end here, the digitizer has to understand and should be professional about all the techniques, otherwise, he would not be able to deliver the desired results. It is digitization that decides the final outcome of the product, whether it be good or bad.

What Makes Us The Best Online Embroidery Digitizing Company?

WorldDigitizer is a leading embroidery digitizing company that has the right amount of expertise to cater to the needs of individuals and industries. With our vast experience in this field, we are able to offer the best embroidery digitizing services, whether it be custom embroidered jackets front and back, digitized designs for the embroidered polo shirt or anything else that you can think of. It is our firm belief that “we can even digitize your dreams“. All you have to do is to think of a design and leave the rest on us.

If you’re looking for some cool vector art then we’re down for you! Our professional artists draw the vector images by their hands.  Whether you’re looking for convert jpg to vector services, vector illustrator or anything else, we are here to fulfill all your needs. You can use the vector art for different purposes including screen printing, company stationery, digital printing or any other sort of promotional needs.

We do the following steps for completing your digitization task!

Before our experts start the digitization process, they make
sure that they are well aware of the complexities of the designs. They
understand it completely, all the requirements for the best outcome.

Once the digitizers are
well-aware of the specifications of the design then they draw an outline sketch
for producing custom digitizing files.

The path of the needle is
determined when the sketch is ready. Doing this ensures that the quality of
work will not be compromised during the process of stitching. And the process
of stitching will be done smoothly.

For ensuring the maximum
quality, our professional then look for any additional adjustment and stitch
density. However, this may include compensation of push and pull stitches and
the adjustment of thread density.

Our digitizers change the
stitches types for creating the exact design in order to meet the
specifications of the custom digitizing designs.

What Makes Us The Best Vector-Art Services Providers?

The state-of-art technology coupled with the experience of digitizers helps us in transforming your low-resolution images into a top-quality vector file format. Our services are reliable, affordable, and are only of top-quality. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the image. Whether it be a screenshot, a rough handmade sketch, drawing or anything else, our professionals can do it with perfection and convert it into a top-notch quality vector image format. We offer all of the major vector file formats. We even offer last-minute changes for further enhancing the design.

Look No Further!

Now you don’t have to look for here and there, and stop searching for an “embroidery company near me ! As with just a tap, we’re available for you. We make sure to provide the file within just 24 hours of turnaround time. It is not a promise, but it is our routine! So, if you’re looking for the best embroidery digitizing company then look no further! WorldDigitizer offers the best services in town. Whether you’re looking to digitize logo for embroidery3d puff embroiderycap digitizing, vector services or anything else, we are right here for you.


Our digitized embroidery designs and vector art services are sure to satisfy all your requirements! So wait for no further! Contact us today and get incredible services in no time and at the most competitive rates ever by the best embroidery digitizing company –WorldDigitizer.  Our firm belief, and a motive is to make the customers happy with our services.

5 Tips to Outsource a Quality Embroidery Digitizing Service

Embroidery digitizing has taken a great turn towards success. We see it everywhere we go. But still, finding top-notch quality embroidery digitizing service can be tricky. But, when you find the right company, the puzzle pieces automatically start to fit into their places. Today, most of the custom digitizing work by the embroiders is outsourced as it not only saves their time but their capital as well. They can invest the time that they save by utilizing embroidery digitizing services in other tasks such as in marketing and in the production of goods. There is no doubt in saying that design is the soul of the fabric and the rightly digitized design will enhance itself when it gets embroidered on the fabric.


However, when one opts to digitize logo for embroidery by outsourcing it, then it gets crucial for him to be aware of all the aspects of embroidery digitizing. Let’s dive into its supporting details by discussing why outsourcing digitizing is beneficial for embroiders and 5 top tips for outsourcing. Take a peek below;

1. Quality-Work:

It doesn’t really matter what are you looking for, whether it be mens embroidered t shirt, embroidered hats, handkerchiefs, embroidered t shirts women’s or anything else. There’s one thing and that is the reliability of digitized embroidery, all depends on professionalism. How the embroidery adapts the material’s layout, how better it will fit on a piece of paper, it all depends upon the work of the digitizer during the process of digitizing. Each and everything is done by the digitizer including how the threads should run without breaking and the rest! The better the digitization, the better will be the outcomes.

There are different techniques for the digitization process. Like, the process of digitization for hats is different than those of shirts. A good digitizer is aware of all the digitize logo for embroidery techniques. He makes sure to produce the same copy of the design. So, there should be no chances of compromising on the quality of your design. There are numerous companies that offer free embroidery designs images (designs). You can test run these before making your order. Doing this will ensure that you’re not compromising on quality. 

2. There Should Not Be Any Language Barrier:

When you decide to outsource then there is one thing that you should know, it requires communication for the proper understanding of the requirements with the company that you have chosen to work with. The better you communicate, the better the company will understand your requirements and the better will be the outcome If the digitizer is unable to get through the requirements then most of it would be dissipated in the interpretations. So, make sure to find a digitizer that understands your dialect and doing this will save energy, precious time, and resources. 

3. Promptness in the Services:

There are many online embroidery digitizing companies, but not all of them are able to deliver the work in the given deadline. However, the time is gone when you had to look for “embroidery companies near me,” now everyone searches for the best online embroidery digitizing companies. And in order to stay ahead of the curve of competition, it is crucial for these digitizing companies to be prompt and accurate when it comes to quality and turnaround time. If the digitizer is unable to reach the target within the given deadline, then make sure, not to deal with him as a good digitizer never does that. 

4. You Should Know The Basics Of Digitizing:

You can’t leave everything on the other person. If you’re not aware of the basics, then anyone can fool you with complete ease. You should know the basic information about the types of embroidery stitchesdigitizing software, how should the design run on the fabric, stitch count, and other important details. Only those digitizers can produce top-quality digitized embroidery designs who are aware of the embroidery software. 

5. How And Where Will You Find All These Qualities?

Well, now there are so many choices available when it comes to embroidery digitizing. Many people are up for getting their services on freelancer, Fiverr digitizing, and many other online platforms. Moreover, all of them claim to be the best providers of the services in town. But, what a minute? How would you identify that the one you’re interacting with is the right one? That’s simple! You can go for checking out their reviews, their work, some free logo embroidery designs, and check out the results.


Some of these companies even offer free trials. You can even request that from them, doing this will help you in deciding whether the digitizer is relevant or you should move to the next one. We hope our recommendations will help you in selecting the right embroidery digitizing service providers. For more interesting articles and information, don’t forget to keep following us. If you’ve any questions in mind then pen down in the comments section below. 

A Guide to Jacket Back Digitizing Professionals – WorldDigitizers!

Are you tired of searching for “jacket embroidery near me“? Well, now you don’t have to! There are so many online platforms available that can help you with that. But, how would you know which one is perfect for you? Nothing to worry! Today, we will dive into the pool of the supporting details that how can you embroider the back of your jacket with logo with perfection. But, before that, let’s take a quick overview of what’s jacket back digitizing and what to look for when you decide to get a digitized logo jackets services.

What's Jacket Back Digitizing?

Jacket back digitizing is basically a procedure that the digitizers do with the help of embroidery software. It is the procedure of the conversion of an artwork of a photo into a machine-readable format. Different firms use different embroidery digitizing software. Some of them are high-tech PC software and such software helps in creating codes/stitches that the embroidery machine reads and follows it. Such as, it renders color amends, sew underlay, trim clothes, etc. The digitizers decide each and everything that the embroidery machine does. There’s nothing wrong in saying that the better the digitizer digitize the design, the better will be the final look of the product.

All jackets have unique properties. If you wish to have an embroidered leather jacket, embroidered jean jacket or any other embroidered jacket in any other material, then there is one thing to keep in mind. That is, for different fabrics and designs, digitization is done differently. A good digitizer is aware of all these tricks. The back of the jacket provides a smooth surface, where you can embroider the design with perfection. There is one good thing about the jacket with logo digitizing. You can embroider anything on a jacket’s back with complete ease. But, make sure you’re choosing a digitizer, who is professional in providing these services. 

What to Look When Going for Jacket's Back Digitizing Services?

When you are thinking of going for embroidery digitizing services, then there is one thing that bothers you the most. And it is the location of the design. However, you can’t embroider a design that consumes more space in the pocket or on the shoulder of a jacket. But, you have got the jacket’s back for it. And when you go for custom digitizing services then you already have a design in mind that you want to embroider on your apparels. You can embroider a large design on the jacket’s back without worrying about the space. It not only looks cool, but classy as well.


The size of the embroidery design is directly proportional to the hoop’s size. By keeping this in mind, experts recommend 12” or 13” when it comes to digitizing for embroidered jacket. Look for these things in the digitizer when you go to him for your jacket’s back digitizing. These things are;

1. Planning:

Make sure that the digitizer has a good plan about how he is going to do your design. If he starts without any proper planning then it is obvious that he is not a good digitizer. It doesn’t really matter how simple the design seems, sometimes complexities pop up without any notes. So, it is always better to go for planning than regretting. All you do is, go to the digitizer and tell him to “digitize my design.” But, from now ask him about the planning. Because even little things ruin everything, there are different types of embroidery stitches, the wrong selection can ruin the whole design.

2. Underlay:

A professional knows how underlay can be done with perfection. As he has the right amount of expertise. It’s underlay that tells people whether the design is done by a professional or a beginner. Don’t ever settle for a low-quality embroidery digitizing service. Make sure that the digitizer you choose is able to offer you the best-digitized embroidery designs images in the form of proper files. You can even take a peek at their embroidery library projects for an idea.

4. Stitch Type and Quality Testing:

Whether it is about embroidered jacket mens or women, jacket with logo digitizing is all about big designs. Using the wrong types of embroidery stitches will ruin the whole design. However, a good digitizer always tests the quality of the design before he delivers it to the client. If someone offers that, then he’s the one!


We at WorldDigitizer have all the qualities that are stated above. If you’re looking for some services of digitize logo for embroidery for jackets that are light on your pocket then we are here for you! Each customer, no matter how big or the small the project is, is important for us. We offer a 24 hours of turnaround time while maintaining the quality. It is one of those reasons that WorldDigitizer highlights itself in this industry of embroidery digitizing.